Marketing Solutions

No MarketingIs your website delivering visitors, leads or sales? Are your clients seeing your website, hearing your messages and giving you feedback?

Webdom’s web marketing services will promote your business to  enhance your online brand and deliver more visitors to your site to grow your business.

Web Marketing Strategy

What are the best and most effective ways of getting the right people to visit your website?integrated marketing model

There are numerous ways of promoting businesses online.  However, only a few of these will be appropriate for your business depending upon.

Webdom work with you to:

  • Establish a clear understanding of your company’s goals and market objectives.
  • Develop an effective marketing strategy suitable for your business needs.
  • Implement marketing mechanisms to direct customer traffic to your site.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We employ an ongoing process of ensuring your site is visible and ranks highly on the major search engines to enable customers looking for your business, products or services to find you more easily.

Webdom offer first-off SEO as standard. You then have the choice of how regularly you want to re-optimise your site.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

ISC_MarketingModelCampaigns such as Pay Per Click [PPC] advertising guarantees top rankings on a large number of major search engines and directories.

You only pay if a visitor to the search engine clicks on your listing, therefore you only pay for the traffic you receive.

Using this model you can also track your cost per click, as well as cost to sale.

Social Networks

Social Networks, when correctly integrated into your marketing strategy, are powerful mechanisms, allowing you to communicate your business messages directly to your target customers.    Social media are also a great way of increasing the rankings of your business website via backlinks from your friends/contacts.   However, it does require a significant amount of time, effort and focus to establish a presence on Social media, with the right contacts and messages for your business.

Webdom can:

  • Assess which of the Social Networks are most suitable for your business – i.e. those which most of your target customers use
  • Create your accounts.
  • Setup profiles that reflect your business brand.
  • Build contacts with target customers, suppliers, press etc.
  • Write initial messages in line with your brand objectives and any special offers.
  • Review the effectiveness of Social Media Campaigns from time to time and propose ways to increase effectiveness.


Webdom can design high impact visual adverts for in formats such as:

  • Static or Animated Website Banner Ads of all sizes
  • Online Video Ads
  • Print Media ads of all sizes

Email Marketing Campaigns

Whether you want to send out prospective business to business emails or subscription newsletters, Webdom provide powerful, Email Marketing Campaigns to suit your needs.

Design a stylish, personalised message in your Company Style.

Send this email to business email addresses provided by us or you.

Track activity, such as who visited, what they are interested in and when they read their mail.

Press Releases

Promoting your business activities and achievments via Press Releases is a highly effective way to raise your business profile within the community.

Webdom can design, write and distribute Press Releases related to your business to Local Newspapers, Magazines, Radio Stations and TV News channels.

Press Releases with local community interest and impact are more likely to be taken up and run across the various press and media.

Affiliate Marketing

Offer your products or services through other businesses and websites in return for commission payment.

Affiliate networks take time to build but are very effective in driving your sales.

Webdom offer full management of such campaigns from concept to daily management.

Webdom’s creative and highly-skilled marketing team would love the opportunity to help promote your business – so contact us today by form or phone.