Webdom Website Maintenance

Having a great website is really only the start

Once created and installed, your website needs to be maintained frequently to keep it looking fresh, providing accurate information and attracting the right visitors. The problem with maintaining your website properly is that it can be so time consuming. When small business owners are faced with the choice between investing their valuable time between managing the business or maintaining their website, it is understandable why so many websites soon become dated.

How much is your time worth at an hourly rate?

Take a brief moment to consider how long it might take you to do the following, on a regular basis:

  1. Submitting your web pages to the top search engines and business directories
  2. Analysing and tracking site visitor numbers and trends.
  3. Formulating and implementing SEO strategies and plans to increase site visitor numbers
  4. Establishing a network of backlinks to increase Page Ranking on Search Engines
  5. Writing and posting new articles and content to the website which will:
    1. be of interest to site visitors
    2. promote your business and capabilities
    3. help keep your content fresh
    4. help increase the websites’ search rankings
  6. Making modifications to your website structure, layout or functionality in line with technology and feedback
  7. Solving technical problems and issues
  8. Protecting your site with regular back ups
  9. Setting up local search rankings with Google places
  10. Setting up and regularly updating Social media business pages

Now multiply your time estimate by how much your time is worth at £/hour rate. So…how much did it work out to annually? The figures can be quite alarming, especially when your time is also needed to manage your other business demands?

Webdom has the perfect solution

Webdom offer a Website Maintenance package that will save you time, protect your website investment and give you complete peace of mind. With Webdom’s Maintenance package, we can do the above, and more besides, with minimal input from you, for just £59/month. That works out at less than £2 a day. That’s complete peace of mind and a huge saving in terms of time and money – for less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee. And that’s not all – for a limited time, we will even create or update your existing website for free – an offer that’s worth over £1,250. There’s even more! You can recover some, all or even more than you spend if you recommend us to your friends and business associates.

Webdom Maintenance

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