The BIG Question – Do I even need a website?

With the influx and domination of Social Media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Linked In – do I even need a website?social_media_vs._brand_website

That is a question many of my prospective clients ask me.

I’ve reflected on this question and the answer I always come back to is a resounding “YES”. Let me explain why:

What is the job of an effective website? Well, one way of looking at it is that your website is effectively your Brand Image personified – it is the vital first impression and bond that you will form with your prospective customers. Your website lets visitors know exactly who you are, what you can do for your visitors and why they should choose you over your competitors.

Let’s think about it. What might you do when you meet someone at a networking event, meeting or exhibition and they give you their card? I’m willing to bet that nine times out of ten, you will visit their website first before contacting them. Why? Because their website gives you the clues you need to determine their experience, the quality of service you could expect to receive from this person and also how much you might expect to pay if you wish to do business with this person.

Generally, it is only if you are still interested after visiting their website that you might then you go on to visit their Social Media to gauge the type of person they are, who they associate with and what they are like on a personal level.

Therefore, while Social Media is an important way for businesses to network and establish links. Due to it’s informal nature, it invariably presents a trap of getting caught off-guard and going ‘off-message’ thus revealing something about yourself which your target audience may be put off by.

So the answer is that all small and medium sized businesses need both – an excellent website and supporting social media. Each has an important role to play in helping to find leads and converting them to sales.

At Webdom, when designing a website for a client, we understand the importance of this first impression that you will form in your prospective client/customers mind. Which is why we consider the website design primarily from the viewpoint of your target market. We will present your key messages in a way that would be the most attractive and interesting to them. Webdom can also help establish Social Media business pages that build upon the messages in the website so that the two support each other to give our clients the best opportunities to grow their business.

Contact Webdom using the form opposite or call +44 (0)770 101 6098 today and discover how we can help your business prosper online.

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