Why do many websites fail after spending £000’s on creating them?

You may have just had the best business website in the world developed for your business and spent thousands in the process.  Your website might have state of the art features and functionality.  The website may be completely aligned with your business goals.  It may succinctly capture and present all of your core business messages for your target market.  It may be easy to understand and follow.  You may have included Calls To Action.  You may have the best optimised webpages for Search Engines and have submitted the website to all of the top search engines.  Yet after an initial buzz lasting maybe a few months, the number of visitors to your website start to dwindle.  The number of leads and sales from the website start to fall.  In sheer frustration you turn to other methods of advertising and promotion.

“What happened?”, you ask yourself, “What a complete waste of time and money!”, you think.

You would not be alone many small and medium-sized business websites fail to continue to attract the right kind of visitors.  So why is this the case?

The answer is amazingly simple “Failure to Maintain”.  How often have you visited a business website and found that the site looked old, unloved and uncared for?  As web designers and developers, we at Webdom find this all too frequently.  We see:

  • Websites with out of date content with yesterdays products at yesterdays prices
  • Websites for businesses that have moved premises and changed telephone numbers but not updated them online
  • Websites designed using old style templates
  • Websites that have failed to keep up with technology
  • Websites that cannot be viewed on mobile or tablet devices because they were based on Flash

Don’t take our word for it. Just take a look at some of the websites of your own business associates to see that this is generally true.

The truth of the matter is that once you have your business website you will generally take your eye off the ball and become distracted with …business. Updating your website will become a lower priority compared with your day to day issues.

This is why you need someone like Webdom who will regularly monitor your websites performance to ensure that it remains secure, updated, looking fresh and attractive for your target market. Our maintenance prices start at just £50/month. Compare this with how much you might value your own hourly labour at – it is usually more than £50/hour – not per month. So how much time would you spend on your website each month? Webdom spend on average 10 hours each month in ensuring that your website meets the needs of your business and your market. If you were to do the same – you could nominally charge £500. However, even if you are currently religiously updating and maintaining your website – you could be losing out of potentially valuable sales in the meantime.

Whether you have an existing website or have had a new website designed by us, Webdom Maintenance gives you peace of mind and lowers the cost of looking after the investment in your website. Request a call using the form opposite or contact us on the number above. We look forward to hearing from you.

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